There is quite a mix of Antiques and Flea Market stuff, what gives?

When we started Angels, we divided the store into a Tag Sale Heaven (Flea Mkt Side) and Antiques Alley (Antique Side). As you come in, the left hand side of the store is primarily the “Tag Sale Heaven” side with everyday items, collectibles, golf stuff, crafts and antiques. The right hand side is primarily “The Antiques Alley” with a larger assortment of Antiques, Collectibles and Home décor. Angels has vendors from as far away as Pennsylvania, and being located in the Opelika-Auburn area and right on the interstate, we knew Angels had to offer merchandise to broad range of people.

How did Angels get so big?

Angels was started with the quest of trying to offer a place for vendors to sell, and for customers to be able to walk in and always find something to buy. The Opelika-Auburn area is one of the top 25 fastest growing “Metro” areas in the country. We are located only 1 Block off I-85 between Atlanta and Montgomery with the 2nd richest area in Georgia (Columbus) only 40 min away and over 50,000 cars driving by Angels on the interstate every day. Add to that, Angels using over 20 billboards in Ala. and Ga. to advertise, you get a huge amount of customer traffic.

Does Angels own all this stuff?

No way. Angels makes its money by renting booth space to over 500 individual vendors from all over the country. Angels doesn’t charge their vendors any Sales Commission either so their prices are able to stay low. Lot’s of pickers, ebay sellers, and other vendors come to Angels to buy because you can find everything to buy under 1 roof, inside in air conditioned comfort.

What if I buy something that I can’t take with me today?

No problem. Angels will allow you to pick something up 7- 10 days later. You just need to keep your receipt as “Proof of Purchase”. Angels will remove the item from the sales floor and keep it in the back. If the item is a big piece of furniture, Angels usually has floor staff that can help you load up your items when you pick them up.

Speaking of buying Furniture, does Angels offer Layaway?

Yes, Angels offers a layaway program on individual items. Each item must be $200 or more to qualify. From $200 to $499, there is a 30 day layaway with 30% down. $500 and up there is a 60 day layaway with 30% down. If you fail to pay out your layaway, you lose any deposit and subsequent payments, and the Vendor gets the item back. All Layaway items are removed from the sales floor upon purchase and stored in the back warehouse until it is paid out.

If I see an item I like, can I make an offer on it?

Yes you can in certain situations. The item needs to be over $100 for a legitimate offer to be made. “Half-off offers”, or “can you see what they will take” are not considered legitimate offers. Some vendors price their items so competitively that they cannot accept offers or they will lose money. An offer must be for a certain dollar amount and “cash offers” get vendors more excited because they have to pay a “fee” on items bought by credit cards. Angels typically doesn’t call vendors on items a vendor has marked “firm”.

Sometimes I see an item that may have a “Questionable” past. How should I feel about that?

Good question. All History happened whether we like it or don’t. Angels and other “Antique Malls” sell HISTORY. These malls are one of the last places where you can buy some History for your own collection and Antique Malls are “the” source of historical items to theater and movie companies for props, movie sets, tv shows, etc. When we sign vendors up, we ask them to not sell among other things, nudity and distasteful merchandise. With over 500 vendors and thousands of items for sale in here, it is very hard to catch everything. There are multitudes of collectors of posters, magazines, memorabilia, decanters, etc. that shop stores like Angels because of the “history”.

Angels seems to be open all the time. When is Angels closed?

Angels is open Every day of the year except for the Big 4. Angels is closed on Easter, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day. On the “eve” of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years, Angels generally closes mid day so our staff can get home and enjoy their family. Otherwise, Angels is always open Every day 10 – 6 CST, and Sundays 1 – 5 CST.